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Vitamin Infusions are a hydration therapy solution for maintaining optimal wellness, enhancing peak performance and boosting immunity for those with active lifestyles. Vitamin infusion therapy is part of the global shift towards preventative and holistic treatments which provide essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Benefits of Vitamin Infusions


• 100% Absorption Rate IV

• Boost Immunity

• Reduce Stress & Chronic Fatigue

• Reduce Anxiety & Depression

• Increase Energy Levels

• Sports Endurance & Recovery

• Natural Detox 6 Vital Organs

• Avoid Jet Lag

• Reduce Migraines & Insomnia

• Relieve Autoimmune Symptoms

• Skin Glow & Brightening

• Hangover Cure

• Anti-Aging/Anti-Oxidative

•Decrease Pain & Inflammation



Please give us a call to learn more about our Vitamin Drip packages #610-726-1020

Julie Huston, RN CYT 
Julie Huston is a Registered Nurse and Certified Pranakriya Yoga Teacher.  Nurse Julie cares for her patients as a whole: integrating the mind and body connection to achieve heath and restore balance from within. 

Julie graduated from the University Of Colorado, Boulder with a BS in Kinesiology/ Sociology and Nursing. Upon graduating, she moved back to the east coast where she spent a thirteen years as an IV Nurse for Main Line Health and four years at the University of Pennsylvania as an IVF Clinical Coordinator. Julie very passionate about offering Vitamin Hydration Therapy and strongly believe in the many health benefits.

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