Sunset Yoga

Yoga is a collection of practices designed to help us deal with the human challenges we collectively face.


The methods of yoga - physical postures, breathing practices, mental exercises and philosophical guidelines -

are meant to help us "calm the fluctuations of the mind." The practices themselves create the path for new experiences, deeper self awareness and separation from the patterns and circumstances that prevent a full enjoyment of life. 


While yoga in the West is usually interpreted as a physical fitness practice, the ancient origins of yoga are therapeutic, and highly productive in treating diverse physical ailments, encouraging strength and mobility in the body, restoring emotional wellbeing, improving mental conditioning and developing homeostasis. 

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  • Individual Yoga Progams (Weekly One-on-One Sessions)

  • Small Group Programs

  • Tibetan Sound Bowls (Vibrational Therapy)


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Meet Nadia Hopkins

After 20-years of practicing and teaching yoga to over ten thousand people of all backgrounds, Nadia's method of sharing yoga has evolved to take an individual approach. She draws from a multitude of yoga, mindfulness and holistic disciplines to help her clients make meaningful shifts into more balanced states. 


Each new relationship with a student begins with an initial consult to better understand the person's unique needs and goals. From there, Nadia designs sessions to introduce the fundamentals of yoga in an achievable way that directly addresses identified needs. This gives the new practitioner a foothold in the experience, which will be built upon in subsequent sessions until the relationship with yoga is a trusted and appreciated anchor in one's life.    


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Professional Experience:

Nadia has developed yoga and mindfulness programming for: Haverford College, Temple University, the University of Pennsylvania, Villanova University, The Shipley School and other educational institutions. She often collaborates with medical professionals, therapists and other healing artists in supporting patients. Nadia and her husband founded an award-winning yoga & healing arts center, which they ran together for seven years before taking the majority of their teaching and certification work online.