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Sunset Yoga

Yoga is a collection of practices designed to help us deal with the human challenges we collectively face.


The methods of yoga - physical postures, breathing practices, mental exercises and philosophical guidelines -

are meant to help us "calm the fluctuations of the mind." The practices themselves create the path for new experiences, deeper self awareness and separation from the patterns and circumstances that prevent a full enjoyment of life. 


While yoga in the West is usually interpreted as a physical fitness practice, the ancient origins of yoga are therapeutic, and highly productive in treating diverse physical ailments, encouraging strength and mobility in the body, restoring emotional wellbeing, improving mental conditioning and developing homeostasis. 

Child's Pose
Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor


  • Yin Yoga

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Meet Jen

Jen reluctantly went to her first yoga class 25 years ago at the bequest of her mother. She left that class feeling curious about what the practice of yoga could bring to her life, and has been practicing ever since. In 2014, she completed her 200 hour Vinyasa Teacher Training program, under the guidance of Mark Nelson and Chae Yang. She went on to complete 2 Yin teacher trainings with Corina Benner. And has studied Auyrveda and meditation at the Integral Yoga Institute in NYC. She has also recently been on the teaching faculty of the YTT program at The Yoga Garden.


Jen is drawn to the philosophy and poetry of yoga. The common threads in all of her classes are humor, practicing with joy and gratitude for the body we’re in each day, a strong focus on alignment and anatomy. She takes her yoga off of her mat into deep, meaningful interpersonal relationships with family and friends – most especially with her two teenage children, her husband and her dog, Rusty.


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