Kc Rossi-Owner of Heart Blossom Essentials
Kc Rossi is a joyful wellness enthusiast whose mission is to spread the good word about holistic health and all things positive. She is a Naturally Certified Aromatherapist and the owner of Heart Blossom Essentials where she creates natural aromatherapy products, does essential oil consultations, aromatherapy educational workshops & Aroma-Home Parties in the Finger Lakes Region of New York.
I met up with Kc for lunch one Wednesday afternoon in downtown Canandaigua. A span of roughly two years had elapsed since I had last seen her and I anticipated in delight to have the opportunity to reconnect and catch up.

In a previous life (not so terribly long ago), Kc and her partner built and operated a very successful gourmet business. I was admiring kc's courage to birth something new, but I learn during our conversation that the entrepreneurial spirit runs plentiful through her veins.

We sit and indulge in delicious authentic Mexican cuisine while discussing the intricacies of running a business and the state of the world as we know it. It is a pleasure to be in her company. Hearing about her new venture is both exciting and inspiring.

RR: Name one incident that validated that you were on the right path.
Kc: Wow, one instance! There have been so many. That is a beautiful thing about being on a path of passion, each interaction brings a whole new set of wonder and satisfaction with it. One that comes to mind quite strongly was a woman that had primary biliary cirrhosis which would give her extreme abdominal discomfort and frequent vomiting. She began using one of my custom formulas and it offered her immediate and long term support. Her deep gratitude for improving the quality of her daily life made me feel that if I did nothing else, I was successful.

RR: What piece of advice did you receive that you were able to apply to succeeding in your business?

Kc: One piece of advice that I received that has helped me succeed in this business was from my mentor regarding the need to educate the consumers on the subject of Aromatherapy first and foremost. In the states, many folks still think that essential oils are just something nice to smell. Education is key when aromatherapy is respected for the true art and science of plant based medicine that it is.
RR: What was one of the most unusual sources of inspiration that you've experienced?

Kc: I really get inspired by the Olympics! Isn’t that funny? I have been an entrepreneur for all of my adult life. One key strength that has allowed that to happen is tenacity. There are no better role models than Olympians, full of vigor and determination...very inspiring.
RR: How do you encourage and motivate yourself to step outside your comfort zone?

Kc: Good question! I am a Taurus, which means I like comfort. :o) I work on this one daily. Recently, I have found reading a variety of blogs, as well as plugging into Pinterest keeps me tuned into what is trending in today’s marketplace. Times are changing so quickly and by being aware of some of the changes it’s motivating to keep things fresh in my offerings.
RR: Do you still encounter days where you doubt what you are doing and question your resolve?

Kc: Absolutely! I think that is just a normal part of the process. I find those thoughts tend to come if I am overworking myself. Now that I know this as a “red flag”, I take time to breathe, schedule a day off or two and recharge the batteries to return with a fresh outlook.
IE: What advice would you give to someone considering making the transition from "traditional work" into entrepreneurship?
Kc: I would recommend taking it slow and perhaps transitioning by doing both. This way it helps alleviate the pressure of needing to make the monthly budget by the new venture alone. Slow and steady steps and then when nice roots are established you can release the “traditional work”.

IE: What quote keeps you motivated?
Kc: "Laughter sparkles like a splash of water in sunlight." It is a combination of what I love; sun, water and joy. When I get too wrapped up in my head, I think of that quote and it brings up memories of all of the above, getting me right back on track.

RR: You are setting the stage for creating. What does it entail?
Kc: Organization + a grateful heart. In order for me to create, I need a balance of right brain/left brain. I have to have all my measuring tools in order, a clean workspace, notebook, essential oils & raw ingredients plus, an openness for inspiration.

RR: What does life balance mean to you?
Kc: For me, life is in balance when I have space to breathe, satisfaction after giving, time to spend with loved ones, to make that kale salad, to really listen to my friends story, moments of meditation, a heart pumping walk and a restful night's sleep.

RR: How do you incorporate new technology into your business?
Kc: I like to stay in touch with clients through Facebook, Twitter, Google + and I find Skype especially beneficial for long distance personal consultations. In today’s busy world, even with folks that are just an hour drive away, it very convenient and economical to be able to utilize video conferencing when needed.

RR: What song do you find most inspirational?
 I love Ben Howard and the refrain from his song “Keep Your Head Up” makes me smile.--

“Keep your head up, keep your heart strong, Keep your mind set, keep your hair long, Keep your head up, keep your heart strong, Keep your mind set in your ways, Keep your heart strong”
RR: If you had to do it all over again, what would you do differently?

Kc: I would offer less...sounds funny doesn’t it? I would have liked to have honed down a tight niche and specialize with that. This subject can be very broad and has many dimensions. I think it would have been wise to choose one powerful channel and maximize on it.
RR: What do you hope to inspire with your work?

I hope to inspire holistic self care, shedding light on the plant world and all it has to offer. We are so lucky that Mother Nature has provided us with fresh botanicals that care for many of our emotional and physical needs.

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